CPM contracts is a type of advertising contract which you spend money based on the number of users who view your promotional content. CPM stands for Cost per Mille, or "cost per thousand views". The cost of this type of advertising may vary and depends on the type of social network, the type of channels or pages you are promoting, and the campaign run time. On the other hand, the index for counting in different platforms are different. For example, the index for counting a banner in a social media such as Soroush is the number of views that banner represents, which represents only those who have seen that banner (carefully or just by scrolling and skipping). But if your advertising is a video on Instagram, the count of view is equal the number of times those people have seen a significant portion of that video. Advertisements that run in the form of CPM campaigns are suitable for people who need awareness.
This awareness can be for a new business, product or service, or to introduce a campaign or event. For example, if a campaign is related to discount, a CPM contract is the best option. Another use of this type of advertising is for branding. If you want everyone to hear your name, where is better than phone? Based on extensive and increasing use of social media, an advertisement with millions of viewer is the best approach to introduce your product. To get a well-paid ad campaign, you must first know the media. You need to know that in which social network you can find your potential customers, and which channel or page they are members of. You also need to know what type of content your social network is suitable for. Our consultants at Adventure are experienced in running more than 2000 advertising campaigns and they are ready to give you advice on how to run your ads.

Customer Recommendations


میلاد مهاجر

Kelid e Talaii

Milad Mohajerzadeh
Unlike environmental advertising, the advertising on social networks require creation, innovation, mobility and identifying the audience becauase of the nature of its publication place. Ad-venture as the first smart platform of gathering and analysing huge social data has made this process possible by creating an appropriate context to record input feedbacks and ethics of audiences.
رامین ایمان زاده


Ramin Imanzadeh
Ad-venture team being Creative, diligent, flexibile and affable, beside their complete report platform, are the discriminating features of this team.
نفیسه قشونی


Nafiseh Ghashooni
It is more than a year and a half that I’ve been collaborating with the friendly and professional team of Ad-Venture. During this time, I found it so valuable that they are so precise and punctual, and it was the reason I continued working in this team. They have the most discriminated system of online reporting which is a new experience for customers. Other good features of this team is that they are always available and so responsive. Friendly relationship and the intimacy among us as the members of Ad-Venture has made this collaboration more enjoyable, and has created mutual reliability, beside the good feeling of security and peace.
شیدا لطف‌علیان


Sheyda Lotfaliyan
When it comes to the Ad-Venture team, the first factors that come to mind are precision, speed and quality. In fact, the challenge that we always encounter in the area of digital advertising and especially social media, is resolved by this creative team and has been facilitated. Some factors like flexibility in the process of executing campaigns, choosing publishers precisely in more than 10 different groups, moment by moment reports, widespread sources and work commitment of the team of Ad-Venture has always satisfied domestic and international customers.
امیرسینا زمانیان


Amirsina Zamaniyan
Collaboration, using the guidences and Ad-Venture platform is one of our best experiences among other advertising companies in iran. Understanding the market well and also presenting suggestions and professional approaches of Ad-Venture team led the results of our advertising programs to maximize and so our customers’ satisfaction increased. I suggest everyone using the advertising platform of Ad-Venture.
آرمان میرعبدالحق

Tadbir Pasargad Shargh

Arman Mir-Abdolhagh
The experience of collaboration which avoids seeing Iran’s plays in World Cup doesn’t leave a good memory for us. But fortunately the speed, availability and commitment of Ad-Venture team has made it a good working experience. I hope you always be successful
سهام هندی‌نژاد


Saham Hendinejad
Ad-Venture presents a professinal service and I’m so satisfied collaborating with them. Our Ad-Venture friends are fast and always available. In addition, the professional team of Ad-Venture has provided the possiblity to advertise, and they could have good collaboration in the feedbacks of advertising by good technical interactions.
حورا وکیلی


Hawra Vakili
During these years I have entrusted the online advertisements of the companies I’m working with, to Ad-Venture; their precision in performing the advertisements, their empathy and being responsive are the characteristics of the members of Ad-Venture, and they truely have domination over social networks.
سعید کوشافر


Saeed Koushafar
The speed, the creativity and the versatility of the Advance team are some of the highlights. Suffice it to say, what they aim for is the best way they can, given their high experience, and quickly executing and ultimately delivering a comprehensive report. For your Social Media campaigns, I suggest Adventurer!
رامین تسوجی


Ramin Tasouji
استخراج، آنالیز و استفاده از دیتای مارکتینگ معمولا برای مارکترها و صاحبان بیزنس دغدغه بزرگی هست. آژانس ادونچر از معدود آژانس‌هایی هست که گزارش‌دهی پیشرفته‌ای در تبلیغات پیام‌رسان و شبکه‌های اجتماعی ارائه می‌کنه و بر اساس اون گزارش، کمپین‌هارو به مرور زمان بهینه میکنه و در نتیجه بخشی از نیاز مارکترها در زمینه جمع‌آوری و تحلیل دیتا رو برآورده می‌کنه.