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Ad-Venture is the most powerful promotional service provider through messaging and social networks

Advertising in cyberspace may seem easy, but if you do not do it properly, you will not get the expected results. These days, targeted and effective advertising is needed more than ever. We, in Ad-Venture, with our dominance in cyberspace, help to make digital advertising easy, purposeful and effective.

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Cost Per Install

By performing a limited test with your application's subject, the cost of the operation is calculated on a mass scale.

Cost Per Click

Cpc advertising has a huge market in cyberspace, but it's our specialty to get clicks on social networks.

Cost Per Action

Calculation of the cost of mass operations is accomplished by defining your performance and performing a

Cost Per Mille

At Ad-Venture we have the ability to show your content to 20 million people in 24 hours.

Online Report

In Ad-Venture's reports, the visit rate as well as the returns of each channel and page are displayed individually and online. At the same time as launching the campaign, a link will be provided to the customer which will be automatically updated hourly by the observers of Ad-Venture and so let the customer know the amount of hits and clicks per hour. At the end of the campaign, screenshots of each channel and page will be uploaded in reports.


What is more important than the effectiveness of the campaign? Nothing. We in Ad-Venture through continuous collaboration with Influencers, Plans and Channels, and the cognition we have on each one, choose the best with regard to the campaign and their potential.

Display Power

One of the advantages of using the Ad-Venture platform is the power it has to display on messengers and social networks. At Ad-Venture, we provide more than 20 million daily visits on over 2,500 channels and pages for our customers.


Not being purposeful is one of the mistakes that occur in planning and implementing campaigns, which will be a waste of budget. We help to identify and categorize campaigns, channels, pages, influencers, their audiences, best publish times, and more.


Necessity of Customer Orientation and Communication Development for Ad-Venture Ad-Venture

We believe in transparency in Ad-Venture. We have no hidden things and therefore, in addition to our abilities, we are verified by brands. A customer-centered approach for us starts here, and communication development becomes an integral part of our activities.

Amirsina Zamaniyan


Collaboration, using the guidences and Ad-Venture platform is one of our best experiences among other advertising companies in iran. Understanding the market well and also presenting suggestions and professional approaches of Ad-Venture team led the results of our advertising programs to maximize and so our customers’ satisfaction increased. I suggest everyone using the advertising platform of Ad-Venture.
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+2,000,000,000Views in Telegram and Instagram
+2,500Channels and Pages
+300,000Monthly installation of application
+3,000Successful done advertising campaigns

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